Hermes Kellydole Picto (Kelly Doll for Spring/Summer 2022) in Craie, Gold & Mauve


Hermes Kellydole Picto for Spring/Summer 2022 comes with a shoulder strap and a little backpack for the doll! We pride ourselves on the authentic look, genuine material and feel of items. Real 1:1 Top-Notch FULL Handmade! You will hardly find Better Quality than ours!

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Hermès Kellydole Picto Bag, which is part of the Hermès Spring/Summer 2022 collection and gives a modernized twist to the whimsical nature of the personified bag. However, this version is quite different, offering an optional shoulder strap and a little backpack that attaches to the back of the doll (ok, bag, but you know what I mean). The facial features of this version are a spin on the original, offering a computerized pixelated take. actually prefer this bag to the original; it keeps the lines a bit more sleek but still gives every bit of playfulness that adore from the first version of this bag. p.s The original Kellydole, also known as Quelle Idole, debuted in 2000, designed as a way to commemorate the Millennium.

The effect of wearing it for Hermes Kelly Doll Picto
The effect of wearing it for Hermes Kelly Doll Picto

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Craie, Gold, Mauve