Hermes Sac Faubourg Birkin 20 White Matte Alligator Palladium Hardware


This extremely rare VIP Birkin is in a combination of five different leathers and an alligator skin with palladium hardware. The body of the bag is in white matte alligator; the front flap, handles and strap are in white leather; the awnings, tiret and “shopping bag” clochette are in Orange H swift leather; the trim is in white Sombrero; the window panes are in Craie epsom leather and the base is in white Sombrero leather.

We pride ourselves on the authentic look, genuine material and feel of items. Real 1:1 Top-Notch FULL Handmade! You will hardly find Better Quality than ours!

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Very rarely Hermes produces extremely limited special edition bags in acutely limited numbers. The Sac Birkin Faubourg is history and modernity combined into one.

Hermes Faubourg Birkin 20
Hermes Faubourg Birkin 20