Hermes Birkin Fray Fray 35 Black, Sesame, Mint Green & Rouge de Coeur


The Hermes Birkin Frayray: Swift leather is crisp with the palladium hardware. Particularly rare in Black, Sesame, Mint Green & Rouge de Coeur , this rare Limited Edition Hermes Birkin is a must for any collector.

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Are you familiar with the art of transforming uniqueness into a signature detail? The Hermes Birkin Fray Fray illustrates this perfectly, as the iconic bag is made lighter with a version in Twill H cotton canvas, which has the characteristic of being easily unravelled. The trick is ingenious: finish the edges of the bag in mini-fringing for a frayed effect, and give it an unmistakably relaxed and on-trend look. True to its function as a large tote, the Birkin Fray Fray is the ideal companion for summer excursions in a palette of bright, zesty shades.

Rouge de Coeur and Sesame Hermes Birkin 35 Fray Fray palladium hardware

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Black, Sesame, Mint Green, Rouge de Coeur