Hermes Birkin HAC Cargo 40 Black Box & Bleu Nuit Canvas With Palladium Hardware


Haut a Courroies 40 Cargo is very practical, with canvas and cowhide stitching, retains various pockets of various sizes, and can also hang cup bags. It looks big, but it actually fits just fine. I think it’s suitable for both men and women. It’s a bit big as a briefcase, but Hermes Birkin Hac 40 Cargo as a travel bag, a gym bag is just right.

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The Cargo Birkin, which turns expectations for the luxurious bag on their head, adds exterior pockets, pouches, clips and cupholders to this iconic design. These bags were instant hits, with the high quality of Hermes’ craftsmanship on full display. This example, a 40cm HAC Birkin, is fresh to the market, and far more difficult to find than the 35cm versions. Rendered in sophisticated and sleek Black Box & Bleu Nuit Canvas and Palladium hardware, this store fresh bag looks as spectacular in hand as it does on the shelf.