Van Cleef Vintage Alhambra Bracelet 5 Motifs Rose Gold Gray Mother-of-Pearl Diamonds



Van Cleef Vintage Alhambra Bracelet. 5 Motifs. Rose Gold. Diamond. Gray Mother-of-Pearl on sale now. Shipping Worldwide! Real 1:1 Best Deluxe Version! You will hardly find Better Quality than Ours!

Van Cleef Vintage Alhambra bracelet 5 motifs rose gold gray mother-of-pearl - VCARP2R100

Vintage Alhambra bracelet, 5 motifs, rose gold, gray mother-of-pearl, round diamonds; diamond quality DEF, IF to VVS. The Sweet Alhambra jewelry creations by Van Cleef & Arpels have featured delightful lucky motifs in miniature . Light and delicate, they are a discreet way of bringing happiness to each passing day.


Van Cleef