Hermes Kelly Depeches 25 Colormatic Pouch Black, Bleu Hydra & Vert Amande


Hermes Kelly depeches 25 colormatic pouch in Evercolor, Evergrain and Barenia calfskin with tablet compartment, interior pocket, zipped contrasting exterior front pocket with gusset, contrasting exterior back pocket, removable lanyard and palladium plated hardware. Dimensions: L 25.2 x H 19.5 x D 4 cm.

We pride ourselves on the authentic look, genuine material and feel of items. Real 1:1 Top-Notch FULL Handmade! You will hardly find Better Quality than ours!



The “Colormatic” series is eye-catching with its unique and creative colors and pockets. The Kelly “Colormatic” retains its iconic design, but with a pop of color and functional pockets.

Hermes Kelly colormatic   depeches 25 pouch Black
Hermes Kelly colormatic depeches 25 pouch Black

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Bleu Hydra, Black, Vert Amande